Equintissential Summer Event: Draft Horse Weekend At Towner, N.D.

A mare awaits her turn in the ring at the Billings Livestock Horse Sale. Photo taken Aug. 24, 2013, Billings, Mont. (Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates)(EMBARGO TO OCT. 14, 1 A.M.)

If there’s a way I can get to the 2015 Draft Horse field days, June  12-14 at RX Shire Ranch at Towner, N.D., I’m sure I’ll do it — at least to look in for a few hours. It strikes me as one of the truly North Dakota events that is emblematic of summer fun in a very rural, fun part of the state.

Host Bob Green tells me that the equine event location has a lots of room for campers, but “no electrical hookups.”

How rural? Well, he reminds me that Rugby has the closest motel, 35 miles away. The biggest day for the three-day event is Saturday, with driving and seminars into early evening.

“A lot of just visiting,” Green says, describing the event. “It’s an association; we’ve been at it for 36 years. This is our 35th field days.” There are a few of the original people in the group, chronicled from faded photos. This year, they have Theresa Early, from TnT Harness at Holland, Manitoba, to talk about the proper fit for a harness, and some horse showing basics tips for the kids. A new young veterinarian at Towner will speak.

The event moves around the region butt the Greens did it in 2010 and 2005. Last year the event had 25 to 30 head of horses. The event usually attracts 75 people.  Some come 300 or 400 miles.

There’s always GPS to find places these days — 273 69 St. N, Towner, ND, 58788. But for everyone else, or when satellites don’t cooperate:

From Towner:

*North from Cenex station to the north end of town at water tower.

*West and then north on North Dakota Highway  14, 6.1 miles.

*Left (west) 6 miles to the yard.

From Denbigh:

* Go through Denbigh on Center Avenue. Follow the correction lines to the north about 7.25 miles to the third full intersection.

*Left at 69th Street, 2.75 miles to the yard.


E-Mail the Greens at rxshires@srt.com, or call (701) 537-5387; (701) 537-3231, or (701) 537–3126.