RRV Beet Harvest Speeds Ahead: ‘Just A Picnic’ Compared To 2013

Rick Nordick waits in his sugar beet lifter for trucks to arrive in a farm’s fourth day of harvest on Oct. 5, 2014, south of Moorhead, Minn.

The region’s sugar beet harvest is nearly a week old, and farmers are experiencing excellent harvest conditions — speeding through the crop in the Red River Valley, with a little more rain in northern areas. Forecasts are for no rain for the next several days.

American Crystal Co.’s  full-scale harvest started Oct. 1. “We haven’t had to pull a truck, haven’t had a truck spin — nothing,” said Rick Nordick of Elisabeth, Minn., working Oct. 5 in a field in the Moorhead factory district. The farm Nordick works for was about half finished lifting beets.

“Usually in these wet mornings, these leaves get kind of greasy, you know,” Nordick said. “Sometime between 5 a.m. to 8 or 9 o’clock the trucks will usually have some trouble,” He said.

Not this year.

 “After fighting the  mud last year, this is just a picnic,” Nordick said.