Breakfast On The Farm Not Just For The Urbanites, Is It?

Local farmers and the Hawley, Minn., Lions Club served up flapjacks and goodwill to farmers for some 4,500 people on May 31. The event was started because of June Dairy Month, 14 years ago.

There’s nothing like getting out on a farm. I attended the recent Breakfast on a Farm effort that was held at Hawley, Minn. The event was started several years ago because of June Dairy Month, but has expanded to be a Lions Club event – and one of the largest of its types in the state of Minnesota, bringing in some 4,500 eaters. Look for details on this in the June 9 issue of Agweek, including a list of some similar upcoming events in Minnesota that will feature Princess Kay of the Milky Way.

Funny thing, I stopped at a nearby farm to ask questions about a lake I was looking for, afterward, and the farmer said he knew about the event but passed it up. “I have breakfast on the farm every day,” he said.

True enough, but I wonder if farmers have fully used this kind of event to rub shoulders with townspeople and get a chance to let people know what they do, and how they do it. I wonder if it’s a missed opportunity for good will.