An 80-foot Cultivator, A 620 Horsepower Tractor: Big Iron XXXIII Delivers!


Big Iron XXXIII lived up to its big, BIG reputation, with some of its typical … bigness.

One of the gee-whiz pieces for me this year was the Wil-Rich 80-foot  QX2 – the largest field cultivator on the market. Someone wag joked that it took half a day just to walk around it.

Folks at the Amity/Wil-Rich booth told me that the thing is probably most suited to the scale of farms in Russia and Ukraine, but that there likely will be someone in the region  that will buy one. With the harrows the machine is about $160,000.

In the transport mode, the hitch locks into place and the castering gauge wheels lift off the ground, creating a stable transport package. “Four huge 385/65R 22.5 tires easily handle the load,” says the brochure. The approximate weight is 33,866 pounds, and it requires a 550-plus horsepower tractor.

Another piece was the Case-IH display area was the big 620 tracked tractors. That’s 620 horsepower, and it might look nice somewhere, pulling an 80-foot cultivator.

And just so you don’t think I’m biased, the John Deere the John Deere S680 combine looked about as big as they come.

I’ve been to about 30 of these Big Iron. It always surprises me how big these things get, and keep getting. Where will it all end?  You tell me.

Many thought Sept. 10 and 11 were some of the biggest attendance days they’ve seen at the show. There’d been an inch of rain Monday night, followed by a beautiful flag-snapping blue sky day on the opener. Not too hot, either. They say about 60,000 to 80,000 people attend on a typical three-day run for the show, and I’d say most of them came Tuesday and Wednesday. (I think half of them were in the line ahead of me at the pork burger place.)

Thanks for the dozens of people who spent time chatting at the show. You’ll see more coverage of Big Iron in the Sept. 16 issue of Agweek, I’m sure.  I wish you all a happy harvest.