National Sunflower Association Says Sunflower Might Help Farmers Battling Drought

The National Sunflower Association is suggesting farmers battling drought to plant – you guessed it – sunflower. Farmers considering abandoning winter wheat and attempting a late-seeded cash crop can get specifics at

The “sunflower water use threshold is 50 percent of the corn water use threshold,” the NSA says in its Sunflower Highlights. Only 28 percent of the state of South Dakota had adequate subsoil moisture the week of May 13.

The NSA is based in Bismarck, N.D. The organization holds its 31st Summer Seminar, June 25-27 at Medora, N.D. For accommodation and ticket information, go to, or to inquire about a block of discounted rooms, phone 800-633-6721.

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  1. Mike Martin

    Your comments re. sunflower in a drought year are also applicable to an excessively wet period that has recently been experienced in many areas of our great State. (if you wait long enough every reporter gets the story right) 😉 Mike

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