Red River Valley Corn Planting Started A Month Later Than Last Year, But No Worries Yet


Here’s that field of corn I watch every year south of Moorhead, Minn. In 2012 they were planting corn in this section on April 4 and this year activity started  May 3 – one of the earliest in the region.

Joel Ransom, a North Dakota State University Extension Service row crop specialist, in the season’s first NDSU Crop & Pest report issued today, reminds us that corn is a warm season crops and requires warmer temperatures to germinate and grow. The recommended planting date throughout North Dakota is May 1 though the maturity date of the hybrid varies by location.

Early-maturing hybrids are recommended for planting dates beyond May 20.

“Given the excellent weather for field drying and planting that we have been experiencing these last few days, it appears that staying within the hybrid maturity that you planned for earlier in the year may still make sense, particularly if you have the capacity to plant your corn acres quickly,” Ransom says.The final planting date for full insurance  coverage for corn is May 25, except  for Cass, Ransom, Richland and Sargent counties, where the final date is May 31. Delaying planting until the first week of June starts potential reductions ranging from 1.1 to 3.0 bushels per day. Plant population recommendations have been increasing but some hybrids don’t tolerate populations over 35,000 plants per acre because of lodging and weak stalk strength.