ND’s Carlson To World Economic Summit-goers: Farmers Can Produce, At A Price

Robert Carlson, former North Dakota Farmers Union head, now the president of the World Farmers Organization (also the vice president for international affairs of the National Farmers Union for the past couple of months)just returned from  the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 25-29.

Carlson says the meetings included discussion of how farmers will feed another 2 billion people that will be added to the world population over the next 40 years. Carlson says he told summit-goers that farmers can increase production if commodity prices allow a profit. “The bottom line is that we are being asked to produce more with less,” Carlson says,

World leaders are concerned about water supplies for irrigation and demands for fertilizers and pesticides, as well as climate change.

The WE Forum is dedicated to finding efficient, decentralized and practical solutions through partnerships between private business and government policy. In developing countries, this means improving sources of credit, property rights, plant and animal research and infrastructure improvements, Carlson says. Road transportation, farm supply businesses, storages for fruit, vegetables and grains, and meat, and extension services.