Schafer To Make Another State Appearance

The North Dakota Trade Office/Northern Grain Equipment are sponsoring
the International Luncheon at Big Iron on Sept. 10, in West Fargo. North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven and Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer, are expected to be in attendance with the 150 associates from six countries at noon across the street from Big Iron at 2210 West Main Ave. 

Schafer, a native of Bismarck, a former North Dakota governor and a resident of Fargo, by now has surely surpassed any other previous cabinet level official in visiting North Dakota — his home state. And he has nearly five months to go in his tenure.

I’m sure it was always Schafer’s goal to be in the state as much as possible, and he’s surely not disappointed his former constituents in his attention. Not everyone, of course, will agree with his policies, or those of his boss, President George Bush. But the affable Schafer is no doubt a patriot to the state. (Do I hear the hooves of a Rough Rider award in the distance?)