SDSU Value-add, And PowerPoint

Thanks to the 150 or 200 folks who attended the South Dakota Value-Added Conference in Brookings on May 20. It was vernal equinox day — the first day of spring, and the day before Ag Day, March 21.

The best part for me was getting through my first PowerPoint presentation, without some kind of melt-down, and the opportunity to see South Dakota Agriculture Secretary Larry Gabriel in his last few days in office. He is stepping down at the end of the week, to be replaced May 26.

Gabriel is a plain-spoken champion of the state’s beef industry, among others, and his style is unmistakable.

For those of you who attended: Yes, the picture of the audience turned out. I’ll have to post it later because of a computer glitch.

By the bye, if anyone else out there wants to see/hear a presentation on Terroir/Geographic Indications, I have my PowerPoint ready and waiting! Either Mac or PC versions, too.