My SDSU Value-added Speaking Gig

I’m about to do something I rarely do — public speaking.

I was invited back to Brookings, S.D., March 20, to speak at the South Dakota Value-added Conference at the Days Inn in Brookings. It’s partly sponsored by South Dakota State University. That’s my hometown and my alma mater.

My topic will have to do with a trip to France that I took last September for Agweek, at the invitation of the French Embassy. The French are anxious to promote the idea of "geographic indicators" as a way to protect some of their biggest agriculture-based/value-added products. Probably the most famous of these kinds of things would be champagne, but there would be many others. My challenge will be to link this back to what we’re doing out here on the prairie. There are some connections, true, but there are also big differences in the underlying philosophy here in the United States.

Maybe I’ll see you there.