Bobbi’s Battle

Bobbi Talmadge, an energetic livestock development specialist for the North Dakota Agriculture Department, got some good news last week. Talmadge, a mother of three, has been battling leukemia.

 "She was notified last week that a bone marrow donor had been found for her and that is was a ‘beautiful match,’" says a Talmadge friend. "She’s tentatively scheduled for the transplant on March 22 in Rochester.  That was great news right before her benefit – both the chili feed and concert went well, with approximately $5,000 raised." A benefit account has also been set up for Bobbi under B – Talmadge Ben. Ac. at US Bank (north office), 3318 N. 14th Street, Bismarck, ND58103

I don’t know Talmadge personally, but from what I’ve heard about her commitment to livestock development in North Dakota, and her energy, I like what I’ve heard. My family has had its own battles with cancer, so I my prayers are with this woman.

Bobbi waited for a time for a bone marrow transplant. She is using her illness to encourage people to become marrow donors to help others. Here’s what the Ag Departement web site says to do:

  • Log on to and click on “How to Join.” 
  • You’ll be asked some basic medical questions to ensure that you’re eligible to become a donor. 
  • If you register online, the National Bone Marrow Donor Program will send you a kit to collect a swab of cheek cells for tissue typing.
  • You will be asked to use a credit card to pay $52 to cover tissue-typing costs.  Your tissue type is used to match you to patients. Your tissue type is identified by testing a sample of your blood or cheek cells. This payment is tax deductible.